The switch from hard copy to digital documents can seem discouraging, but luckily there are digitization companies that can assist you with this total digital transformation. We at Tytec help you convert your paper-printed documents to any format including PDF, DOCX, XLSX JPG, PNG, etc.

Why You Should Make The Switch


If you’re considering if you should make the switch from paper to digital and wonder if it’s worth it, remember, from an environmental standpoint, moving away from paper is a good move. Not only that, from your business’ point of view, it’s much easier to store digital documents rather than hardcopy. Hard copies can easily get lost or dismantled by many factors, whereas digitalized documents can be stored on a pc, internal or external hard drive, or even on a cloud server.

Different Digitization Conversion Methods:


There are many ways to make the move from paper to digital documents possible, which include but are not limited to:

Scan To PDF: If you own an MFP printer, you can easily scan documents to PDF, and they will be sent straight to your email. This is the most common way. Note, if not done correctly, the document quality will not be as great.

Using Your Phone Camera: Many people take snaps of their documents and convert the image to their required format online. While this may be the easiest way, it is certainly not the best, as photo quality will never compete with a digital document, resulting in an unprofessional document you surely would not want your client to sign.

Storing Your Digital Documents


Storing your digital documents is easier and safer than storing hard copies, and it doesn’t leave your office full of unused papers. There are many ways to store your documents such as on USB flash drives, external hard drives, on your personal computer, or in the cloud. In our opinion, storing your important documents on the cloud is the far superior choice.

For those who don’t know what the cloud is, cloud storage is software services that store your important media on their servers. The best advantage of this is that you can access your media anywhere from any device.

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