Flexible Rental and Tailor Made Financing Solutions

TYTEC GROUP believes that rental finance is the most flexible and cost effective financial package available today. Globally, more and more businesses – from large corporations to single office concerns – are recognising the value of rental finance as a means of acquiring movable assets and capital equipment due to the flexibility thereof as well as incorporating technology refreshers which are so often required in the course of business.

The other advantages of rental include:

  • Rental finance does not require any capital outlay to acquire essential technology and support.
  • The VAT on rental is raised on the monthly payment and not capitalised “up front”, as with instalment sales and leases.
  • Rental is still accepted as an off balance sheet item for accounting purposes. This has a positive effect on balance sheet ratios and end of rental procedures. There is also a saving of costly administration as fixed asset registers and depreciation schedules are not affected.
  • Does not usually require CAPEX budget.
  • Technology refresher.

Tailor-made solutions include:

  • Managed Service Agreements
  • Cost per Copy Agreements
  • Cost per Seat Agreements
  • We also provide a cash option when required.

TYTEC GROUP offers expert advice and shaped insurance solutions for equipment acquired through TYTEC GROUP.


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