PBX, short for Private Branch Exchange System, is a private telephone network system used within an organization. Businesses make use of these systems because it allows them to operate internally to use fewer phone lines from the company. It makes their communication process easier as they can provide each phone within the business to have its own extension.

The PBX phone system has features such as transferring calls between employees, leaving voicemails, and call recording which is vital for a company’s track record and call queues.

A few years ago the older PBX phone systems were protected by a registered trade, meaning there would be no way to use these re-use the phones with a different system, and as time goes on, phones tend to either break or get outdated with the times and replacing phones would get expensive to a business and it would result in unnecessary costs at the end of the day. The reason for this is that traditional PBX phone systems had a ‘lock-in’, meaning you are bound to the phone vendor because the phones are only usable with their technology.

However, technology has changed today, and the IP PBX was introduced. IP, short for voice over Internet Protocol, is a new era. Phone calls can now be delivered and received using the internet.

IP Phones For Your Business


IP phones for businesses’ are multi-lined telephone systems that are used in a professional environments such as business offices etc. PBX systems of today can be modified to business’ needs whether it is an enterprise or small business, depending on the telecoms company, they can modify the phone systems to suit the business’ needs.

Example Of The Best PBX Systems Available


Yeastar PBX phone systems are designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting up to 50 users, depending on the type of system you’re going for, for example, the Yeastar s50i series. The Yeastar PBX phone system features advantages such as:

  • Capable of supporting 50 users at a time.
  • 25 Concurrent calls
  • Supports up to 8 ports
  • 4G/3G and GSM channel
  • Users can dial by name
  • Phone provisioning: setting up new services such as GPRS, MMS, and instant messaging for existing users.
  • Speed dial
  • Conference calling

Why Should I Make Use Of PBX Systems In My Business?


With IP PBX phone systems, you have the power to connect via a variety of devices. With the phone system, you can join or host online meetings within our outside your business with clients with multiple users. Privacy is extremely important, especially within a business. Most PBX systems solutions offer built-in encryption without a VPN to protect your text and voice communications between parties.

Where Can I Find A Reliable Telecommunication Company?


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